Recorded sessions



Dark mardi


Alx: Back in business
Dany: Only drums (yeah right!)
Pat: Found the volume knob finally


Alx: I'm doing what I can with what I have
Thomas: sous-sol drumming
Dany: déjà terminé?!
Pat: No juice



Alx: synth
James: drum & bass
Pat: ASMR and synth


Dany: machines
Alx: synth
Pat: out

20200501 aka prenons le contrôle

Jeance: synth
La douve: synth
Doctor James: drum and synth
Alx: synth
Pat: aka too much mic

20200425 aka 2 outs

Alx: synth
Pat: bitwig

20200424 aka webcam mirror

Alx: voco
Dany: drum
Tof: synth
Pat: bitwig & pd

20200418 aka d'un monde virtuel à l'autre

Alx: bass and dub (au dépanneur)
Syl: perc & ambience (beautiful setup)
Tof: synth (busy worlds)

20200411 aka dernière minute

Alx: vocoder (je suis pas chez nous)
Danny: movie postponed
Syl: un rouge une track (music of course)
Tof: ca fait du bien, all mozart?
Pat: more and more bitwig (pd is my true love (tm))

20200410 aka vendredi baby

Cam: bass and sensei
Syl: v collection
Pat: 50 pour le week-end

20200406 aka how to talk to my gear

Alx: where is my wifi
Danny: acid au chalet
Syl: reaper me donne mal à la tête
Tof: ok ok juste un peu
Pat: je dois terminer ma 50

20200403 aka gin and tonic sur ton balcon aka configuration

Cam: synth, bass, poésie embrassée
James: drums and wash it double times
Yann: guitar and dealer de gin
Pat: quelle key?